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Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism Management (SAQA ID number 48813)


Full-time undergraduate degree programmes are offered over a minimum period of three years.


MGI’s BCom (Tourism Management) degree provides a different and much needed model of higher education in this discipline, as students are provided with a solid grounding in the academic theory underpinning the main concepts of the field of travel and tourism management.

The curriculum includes a substantial practical component, culminating in an industry internship that forms part of the final-year curriculum. Also included in the curriculum are relevant, more generalised modules. Such modules include an Introduction to Financial Accounting and Business English.

Coupled with the curriculum model as described, students also undertake field trips that are based on research projects, practical assignments and case studies.

Students gain the necessary skills in airfares and ticketing as a prerequisite for Global Distributions System and are thus provided with the practical experience and theoretical knowledge to become entrepreneurs or managers of any sector in this field.

Qualification structure

The syllabus comprises three levels:

Level 1

Students are introduced to the basic principles of Tourism Management:

  • Business English
  • Business Management 1A
  • Business Management 1B
  • Computer Skills
  • Economics 1A
  • Economics 1B
  • Introduction to Tourism, Travel & Hospitality
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • Marketing 1
  • Quantitative Techniques
  • Tourism Geography
  • Tourism Environment

Level 2

Students develop an intermediate level of knowledge in Travel and Tourism Management.

  • Business Law 1
  • Business Management 2A
  • Business Management 2B
  • Human Resource Management 2A
  • Industrial Relations 1
  • Marketing 2A
  • Marketing 2B
  • Research Methodology
  • Tourism Festivals and Events 2
  • Tourism Planning and Development
  • Transportation in Tourism 2

Level 3

  • Airfares and Ticketing
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Management 3A
  • Business Management 3B
  • Destination Marketing
  • Global Distribution Systems
  • Internship
  • Marketing for Services
  • Research Project
  • Special Interest Tourism 3
  • Tourism Distribution 3
  • Tourism Hospitality

Students who successfully complete all levels of study are awarded the Midrand Graduate Institute Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism Management degree.

Career options

  • Eco-tourism Planning and Management
  • Festival and Special Event Manager
  • Strategic Tourism Manager
  • Tour and Travel Operator

The MGI Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism Management degree is endorsed by the Midrand Tourism Association.


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