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The Bachelor of Commerce degree with specialization in Law is a specialised degree suitable for students who wish to link a commercial background with that of law. A person with this background can work in an insurance company, a merchant bank or any other financial institution. The combination of a legal background with business is an excellent blend for anyone aiming to work within the commercial field. The degree is conferred by Unisa, with students attending lectures at MGI.

The students will major in the following legal subjects:

  • Private Law
  • Mercantile Law

In addition the students will choose their commercial major from a variety of fields such as:

  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Economics
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Business Management
  • Tourism
  • Information Systems


The Unisa LLB degree is designed for students wishing to pursue a career in the legal profession. This includes becoming an advocate, attorney or corporate legal advisor. The LLB degree prepares students for a legal career within 4 years, with the curriculum offering 40 modules, of which 33 are compulsory. Students may choose their field of specialisation in their 4th year.

As the South African Legal system is broad students are introduced to every branch of law – every field is covered and as a result there are no majors in the degree. In their final year students may however elect the modules which they are most interested in and would like to specialise in. For example, private law, commercial law or criminal law.

The degree is conferred by Unisa, with students attending lectures at MGI.


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