Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law is home to the Unisa LLB and MGI’s BCom (Law) degrees.  Its lecturers are qualified and well versed in both the practice and theory of law, and expose the students to real-life legal situations during their lectures.

The Law Faculty at MGI runs the MGI Legal Advice and Training Centre, which comprises LLB and BCom (Law) student volunteers who are supervised by a practising attorney. The centre provides free legal advice to MGI students as well as the community in areas such as labour law, family, divorce law and motor vehicle collisions, to name a few.

Faculty of Law


In order to practise law in South Africa, a candidate must complete an LLB degree – an Honours equivalent degree that also opens the way to a Master’s degree in Law.

The LLB degree prepares students for a legal career within four years, with the curriculum offering 40 modules, of which 35 are compulsory. Students may choose their field of specialisation in their 4th year.

Students are introduced to every branch of law and as a result, there are no majors in the degree. In their final year, students may however elect the modules that they are most interested in and would like to specialise in i.e. private law, commercial law or criminal law.

The degree is conferred by Unisa, with students attending lectures at MGI.

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BCom (Law)

The Bachelor of Commerce degree with specialisation in Law is a specialised degree suitable for students who wish to link a commercial background with that of law. The business environment in South Africa is complex, dynamic and fast-changing, necessitating the need for business people to acquire sophisticated management and legal skills in order to compete in local and global markets. The combination of a legal background with that of business is an excellent blend for anyone aiming to work in the commercial field. Every aspect of business is built on a legal foundation. The legal knowledge gained will ensure graduates are aware of any and all legalities in the business world with which they need to comply.

Once the BCom (Law) has been completed, students may complete an Honours degree in the Commerce Faculty or continue with an LLB should they wish to practise law in South Africa.

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