BCom Law Degree

MGI BCom Law Degree (SAQA ID Number 86306)


Full-time undergraduate degree programmes are offered over a minimum period of three years.


The Bachelor of Commerce in Law is a specialised degree suitable for students who wish to link a commercial background with that of law. The business environment in South Africa is complex, dynamic and fast-changing, necessitating the need for business people to acquire sophisticated management and legal skills in order to compete in local and global markets. The combination of a legal background with that of business is an excellent blend for anyone aiming to work in the commercial field. Every aspect of business is built on a legal foundation. The legal knowledge gained will ensure graduates are aware of any and all legalities in the business world with which they need to comply.

The specific skills acquired by the student will depend on which business or commerce modules are chosen as majors. The students have the option of majoring in Business Management, Human Resource Management or Accounting, together with Private Law and Mercantile Law.

Qualification Structure

After successfully completing the modules at the third level of their studies, the student will be able to do a higher qualification in Business Management, Human Resources, Accounting or Law.

Students have a choice in second and third year as to the commerce modules in which they would like to major. The students must choose two subject groups to continue with, in addition to their law modules. They have a choice between Business Management, Accounting and Human Resource Management.

The syllabus comprises of three levels:

Level 1

Students are introduced to basic principles of law, accounting, human resource and business management. Computer literacy and various introductory business skills subjects are included in the curriculum.

  • Business Management 1A
  • Business Management 1B
  • Computer Skills
  • Family Law
  • Financial Accounting 1A
  • Financial Accounting 1B
  • Human Resource Management 1
  • Industrial Relations 1
  • Introduction to Law 1A
  • Introduction to Law 1B
  • Law of Persons
  • Quantitative Techniques

Level 2

Students develop an intermediate level of knowledge and skills in both Law and their chosen fields of specialisation.

  • Business English
  • Economics 1A
  • Economics 1B
  • Entrepreneurial Law
  • Individual Labour Law
  • Insolvency Law
  • Law of Negotiable Instruments
  • Law of Succession
  • Research Methodology

Choose two of the following groups, which will be your majors in the third year:

Group 1:

  • Business Management 2A
  • Business Management 2B

Group 2:

  • Human Resource Management 2A
  • Human Resource Management 2B

Group 3:

  • Management Accounting 2A
  • Management Accounting 2B

Level 3

  • Collective Labour Law
  • Internship (Undergraduate)
  • Law of Contract
  • Law of Delict
  • Law of Property
  • Law of Sale and Lease
  • Research Project

Choose two of the following groups:

Group 1:

  • Business Management 3A
  • Business Management 3B

Group 2:

  • Financial Management 3

Group 3:

  • Human Resource Management 3A
  • Human Resource Management 3B

Students who successfully complete all levels of study are awarded the Midrand Graduate Institute Bachelor of Commerce in Law degree.

Possible career options

The career options are dictated by the choice of modules in which the student majors. The knowledge the students have gained about legal principles and regulations relating to all aspects of business will serve them well in pursuing any career in the business world or to continuing with further studies.